how to attract women
Learning how to attract women takes time and courage because you have to put yourself out there. Well, what about when you have the girl, then what? We know all the right things to say, we know all the right things to do, but how do we keep them around? Women have a certain guy that they like to date, and they have a certain type of guy who they'll want as a boyfriend. You want to be able to pick which guy you want to be, with whatever woman you want. You don't want to be one of those guys crying and begging a woman because she won't return your call/text after you've slept with her.

how to attract women

Let me break it down so you can understand. When a man learn how to attract women, he thinks that it's game over when he has her. Unfortunately, you have a new set of things to learn to keep women. A woman will sleep with any type of man if he knows how to seduce her, but you need another type of mindset when you are in a relationship. The more you want to stay committed to that woman, the more you need to learn how to keep her. Oh, that's one ever taught you how you need to learn that too. You must have thought that the same thing you used to pick her up out the club or bar, is gonna be the same thing that you'll be using to make her your girlfriend.

First, you may feel at ease being around guys when you are with her if you are just gonna sleep with her, but if you want to make her your girl, you are gonna feel a little more guarded if other men try to talk to her. You must be very careful because there is a thin line between being protective and jealous. You gotta know how to have women let the other guys know that they're already spoken for by you.

Then again, you may not want a steady girlfriend, but a girl who is a bona fide "slide off". For those of you not familiar with the term slide off, this is a girl you keep around for entertainment purposes only. You're not trying to build with her like you would with a girlfriend or wife, you are trying to only have her satisfy your sexual needs and just hang out with, with no strings attached. You could actually tell her that you're gonna sleep to another girl and she won't have any hard feelings about it (or shouldn't have hard feelings about it).

how to attract women


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